Paterson Reads: Talk, Read, Sing

Paterson Education Fund
Project Period: 
Funding Amount:
Program Area:
Early Childhood
Geographic Area: 
Paterson, Passaic County

Our Goal: To motivate and support parents and caregivers to foster early language and literacy skills in their young children.

Project Description: This project supports the implementation of the Too Small to Fail’s program “Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing,” in partnership with the Paterson Education Fund (PEF),the Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation, and the Turrell Fund. PEF will provide training to 50 community navigators to bring messages about and resources for brain and language development to 500 parents/caregivers of children ages 0-3. In addition, PEF will utilize a public campaign to communicate the importance of early brain and language development to 30,000 Paterson residents.

About the Grantee: The Paterson Education Fund (PEF) works to stimulate community action for change so that the Paterson Public Schools ensure that all Paterson children achieve high standards.  PEF builds the community’s capacity to support, monitor and advocate for education improvement. Learn more about PEF.