New Jersey Unhealthy Diet Media Campaign

The Public Good Projects
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Program Area:
Population Health
Geographic Area: 
Passaic County, 
Paterson, Passaic County

The Public Good Projects (PGP) is a nonprofit organization that uses mass media messaging to address the nation’s greatest health problems. PGP brings together scientific health expertise with innovative approaches to messaging and marketing to improve population health by educating consumers and encouraging the adoption of healthy behaviors. PGP’s media campaigns are coordinated with on-the-ground community efforts, including organizational and/or local policy work, with the goal of creating healthier communities.

This project supports a statewide campaign to reduce sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) consumption by New Jersey residents, with a particular focus on Medicaid recipients and Medicaid-eligible residents.  The campaign’s “hub” is Paterson, New Jersey through close collaboration with the Passaic County Health Coalition. Paterson serves as the springboard for health communication strategies to the rest of the state, as well as the primary source for local video or image-based campaign content. As the campaign continues community partner engagement efforts will expand beyond Paterson to the rest of the state.

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