Medicaid 2.0: Sustainable Redesign of the New Jersey Medicaid System, Phase Two 

New Jersey Healthcare Quality Institute
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The New Jersey Healthcare Quality Institute (NJHQI) is a nonprofit organization that works to ensure that safety, quality, accountability, and cost containment are closely aligned and facilitate the delivery of healthcare services in New Jersey. 

This project supports the continuation of the Medicaid 2.0 initiative. It is composed of two parts. Part 1 is a 4-month planning process, in which the Quality Institute is continuing its education efforts and stakeholder engagement. It also is working to determine which of the 24 recommendations of the Medicaid 2.0 Blueprint for the Future are most likely to be achievable in the near term and demonstrate the value of the Medicaid 2.0 initiative. Part 2 consists of activities to carry out the plan, focusing on recommendations that can be met within a relatively short time frame to set the stage for longer-term implementation of the Blueprint recommendations.

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