Advancing Community Health Through Strategic Planning, Effective Communication, and Advocacy

Trenton Health Team
Project Period: 
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Program Area:
Population Health
Geographic Area: 
Mercer County, 
Trenton, Mercer County

The Trenton Health Team (THT) is a community health improvement collaborative serving the six zip codes of Trenton, New Jersey. The collaborative is a partnership between St. Francis Medical Center, Capital Health, Inc., Henry J. Austin Federally Qualified Health Center, and the Department of Health of the City of Trenton.

This project builds on previous support for the THT in their efforts to become an effective urban health care delivery system and to participate as one of three New Jersey Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations. This project further advances population health in the Trenton community through formalizing a strategic plan for THT, developing and implementing a community engagement and communications plan, strengthening THT’s Community Advisory Board, and advancing its health policy agenda, with a particular focus on oral health.

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