Implementing a Medicaid Accountable Care Organization and Bending the Cost Curve in Camden, New Jersey

Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
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Population Health
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Camden, Camden County, 
Camden County

The Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers (CCHP) is a collaborative partnership that uses innovative, data-driven strategies to improve the quality, capacity, accessibility, and coordination of healthcare services for vulnerable populations in Camden. CCHP engages the entire healthcare community in clinical redesign and care coordination activities informed by real-time and longitudinal data analyses that result in better care at lower cost. 

This project supports CCHP’s core administrative infrastructure so as to enhance its capacity to be a successful and self-sustaining Medicaid Accountable Care Organization (ACO). As part of this overall goal, the project supports CCHP’s efforts to foster the sustainability of the ACO model and enhance coordination among ACO members through the Camden Health Information Exchange. Key project activities include fulfilling ACO legal and governance requirements, engaging and aligning key ACO stakeholders, enhancing its use of technology to share information, and raising additional resources to support their operation.  

On June 30, 2015, CCHP, along with its partner organizations, was one of three community healthcare coalitions certified by the State of New Jersey as a Medicaid ACO.

This project also supports an ongoing analysis of five New Jersey communities, each of which has at least 5,000 Medicaid recipients. Using hospital paid claims data, CCHP is able to identify specific geographic areas within these communities whose residents have high use of hospital services. In previous Nicholson-supported projects, CCHP produced hotspotting analyses for two other communities. These “hotspotting” analyses are a critical tool in developing strategies to improve care management in these seven communities. 

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