Early Childhood: Policy Reform and New Approaches

Nationally, recognition of the importance of experiences between birth and age 5 to lifelong health and well-being has increased exponentially, and a commitment to improving access to, and the quality of, early care and education programs has followed.

Efforts across the country and in New Jersey are underway to encourage policy reforms that can lead to improved early care and education programs. Many other efforts are supporting new approaches to promote learning by young children.

The Foundation is furthering these efforts by supporting analyses and public education programs, such as webinars, articles, and conferences, to address the financing of high-quality early care and education. The Foundation is also funding several types of projects to make community programs more accessible to low-income young children and families.

Examples of Foundation support in the policy reform and new approaches area include: 

  • Creative Play, a museum-based family program that focuses on engaging children ages 3 to 5 and their parents in art, science, and cultural experiences. The program encourages parents to think of museums as an educational resource for the family. 
  • An economic analysis to support the adoption and funding of a tiered reimbursement system for high-quality early childhood programs. 
  • A series of studies to identify critical issues and challenges in developing, providing, and financing high-quality infant and toddler child care in New Jersey.

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