Transforming Early Childhood Leadership Institute

Foundation for Educational Administration
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Professional Development
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The Foundation for Educational Administration (FEA) was founded in 1985 as a nonprofit organization to provide professional learning for the 8,800 members of the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association. FEA’s mission is to promote sustained professional growth, support research-based practices, and enhance learning for teachers and leaders for the purpose of continuous school improvement.

This project supports the development and first year implementation of a Transforming Early Childhood Leadership Institute for school leaders, teachers, and central office staff from 30 schools across districts that offer PreK to Grade 3 instruction to children from vulnerable populations. FEA will develop a 15-month professional learning experience about critical aspects of early childhood programs, and, in particular, early childhood instructional leadership. A Steering Committee composed of relevant organizations, representatives from the New Jersey Department of Education, early childhood experts, principals, and state officials will guide the project by identifying the goals of the Leadership Institute, describing the needs for professional learning, and defining the content of the professional learning sessions. By supporting the development of leadership in public schools, this project aims to address the unique needs of children in the early years of formal education and to lead to a stronger early childhood system of support for vulnerable children throughout the state. 

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