New Jersey In-home Asthma Implementation Pilot Project: Technical Assistance and Evaluation—Phase IV

Health Resources in Action
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Population Health
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Health Resources in Action (HRiA) is a nonprofit organization that works to help people live healthy lives and to create healthy communities by pursuing prevention and health promotion activities, policy development, and research.

This project supports HRiA in providing technical assistance to the four sites participating in the New Jersey In-home Asthma Implementation Pilot Project and to evaluate the project. The pilot is aimed at integrating asthma in-home interventions with asthma clinical care. The in-home interventions, which are conducted by community health workers (CHWs), include environmental assessments; education; and guidance on reducing asthma triggers, such as dust, mold, and roaches, that may cause asthma exacerbations and contribute to avoidable hospitalizations.

In this fourth phase of technical assistance, HRiA is: 1) helping the four sites implement the intervention; 2) supporting project staff as needed; 3) assessing changes in pediatric patients’ asthma control and environmental conditions following the in-home visits; 4) providing continuing education to the CHWs and hosting a learning collaborative among the four sites; and 5) collaborating with the Center for State Health Policy, which is conducting a complementary economic evaluation of the intervention.

The sites participating in the pilot project are:

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