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The New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute (the Quality Institute) is a nonprofit organization that works to ensure that safety, quality, accountability, and cost containment are closely aligned and facilitate the delivery of healthcare services in New Jersey. 

This project supports a Medicaid Policy Center (MPC), which aims to advance the success of the New Jersey Medicaid program by providing independent research, analysis, and policy solutions that improve health outcomes and control costs. The MPC is a permanent home for the best practices to be considered, developed and implemented into the program. The MPC’s projects support Medicaid improvement over the long term and serve as the key source for data and policy guidance for Medicaid stakeholders. The MPC also provides research and guidance on the uninsured population, which relies on Medicaid financed hospital care through the state’s Charity Care program and Delivery System Reform Incentive Program. 

This project builds upon the Medicaid 2.0 initiative, in which the Quality Institute convened and led a multi-stakeholder process to research, develop, and draft a redesign of New Jersey’s Medicaid system. Medicaid 2.0: Blueprint for the Future included 24 recommendations aimed at improving the patient experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing the cost of care. Following the report’s release, the Quality Institute continued its education efforts and stakeholder engagement, identified which of the 24 recommendations were most likely to be achievable in the near term, and conducted activities to implement those recommendations.

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