Consultation and Technical Assistance to Support Behavioral Health Integration in New Jersey

Seton Hall University School of Law
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Primary Care
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Seton Hall University School of Law is New Jersey’s only private law school. The Law School’s mission emphasizes social justice, advocacy, scholarship, and direct legal services to secure equality, civil rights, and legal protection for individuals and communities in need.

This project builds on the previous “Behavioral Health Integration Project,” which supported the development of a briefing paper on the legal, policy, fiscal, and regulatory barriers inhibiting integrated primary physical and behavioral healthcare for New Jersey’s Medicaid recipients.

This new project supports the Law School in providing consultation and technical assistance to help the New Jersey Department of Human Services and the Department of Health remove licensing, reimbursement, and other regulatory barriers that limit the integration of behavioral health and physical healthcare services. The Law School is performing analytic work, developing administrative frameworks for the state to use in adjusting and interpreting its regulatory requirements, consulting with key representatives of the Departments, and assisting the Departments with implementation of changes, as needed. It also is facilitating public discussions with stakeholders to enhance transparency and ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are considered as the state moves forward with behavioral health integration.

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