Op-ed on Maternal Health in NJ Co-Authored by Nicholson Chief Strategy and Evaluation Officer

In an Op-Ed featured on NJ.com, co-funders and co-authors, including Dr. Kimberly Boller from The Nicholson Foundation, Dr. Mary-Ann Etiebet from Merck for Mothers, Wendy McWeeny from Community Health Acceleration Partnership, and Atiya Weiss from The Burke Foundation, explain how New Jersey is improving maternal care and maternal health outcomes with the help of cross-sectional stakeholders and coordinated action. Stakeholders include the community and state as well as the private sector and private foundations.

The co-funders emphasize the role of strategic investments and partnerships in maternal health to support state efforts and drive progress. The result of this coordinated effort led to the Safer Childbirth Cities Initiative to fund community-based organizations in Camden, Newark, and in seven other cities [KB1] and implement evidence-based interventions and innovative approaches to improve maternal health and eliminate racial disparities in birth outcomes.

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