NJ Community Health Workers Begin Visits for Asthma In-Home Intervention Pilot Project

On Thursday, June 14, a group of 11 community health workers (CHW) were certified by the Rutgers New Jersey Talent Development Center as part of the Nicholson-funded Asthma In-Home Intervention Pilot Project. Over the two-year grant period, the CHWs will conduct home visits to approximately 480 high-cost asthma patients between the ages of 2-17 who are enrolled in Medicaid. 

Community Health Workers Complete Their Asthma Home Visiting Training

The Nicholson Foundation, in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Health, initiated the Asthma In-Home Intervention Pilot Project in 2017 as an evidence-based intervention to improve asthma outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and demonstrate the sustainability and effectiveness of similar models. The in-home visits, which will begin in July 2018, will include environmental assessments, education, and guidance on reducing common asthma triggers (such as dust, mold, and insects) that can cause asthma exacerbations and contribute to avoidable hospitalizations.

The New Jersey Department of Health and The Nicholson Foundation are also funding a comprehensive evaluation for the Pilot Project that will be conducted at the conclusion of the program. The evaluation will be performed by Health Resources in Action (HRiA) and Rutgers Center for State Health Policy to assess post-intervention changes in pediatric patients’ asthma control and to evaluate cost effectiveness and potential long-term sustainability for the in-home model.

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