The New Jersey Innovation Catalyst Initiative: A Collaboration of The Nicholson Foundation and the Center for Care Innovations

The Context

Healthcare in the United States today is undergoing significant transformation. More people are obtaining health insurance, which is creating higher demand for care and greater competition for patients. Payment models are shifting, increasingly focusing on value instead of volume. These market forces are compelling health care organizations to rethink the ways in which they provide services and care. In this new environment, organizations must be innovative if they are going to thrive.

The New Jersey Innovation Catalyst Initiative

To meet this challenge, The Nicholson Foundation, in partnership with the Center for Care Innovations (CCI), is launching the New Jersey Innovation Catalyst Initiative (the Initiative). The Initiative is designed to help safety net healthcare organizations solve problems by thinking and working differently, considering beyond what’s feasible to what’s possible.

The Initiative provides an opportunity for organizations to participate in a competitive process to receive innovation grants of up to $35,000. Once approved for funding, each organization will form a team and participate in a collaborative process to select a problem in need of an innovative solution at their organizations. The teams receive comprehensive support and guidance from expert coaches throughout the innovation development process. This support includes training in human-centered design, which is a creative problem-solving approach that enables the teams to understand the innovation process and build solutions to better address the problems they have identified. The teams also join a virtual learning community with the other teams participating in the Initiative. Teams may have the opportunity to test and implement their innovative solutions and assess impact in their own organizations.

After completing the Initiative, The Nicholson Foundation’s goal is to support one or two organizations to become centers for healthcare innovation serving New Jersey’s safety net. This center(s) will benefit not only their own organization but also help other New Jersey organizations transform their healthcare delivery and patient experience.

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