Jan Nicholson Speaks With NJHCQI in Take Five Interview

Jan Nicholson, President of The Nicholson Foundation, answered five questions from the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute (NJHCQI) for its “Take Five” newsletter segment. In the interview, Nicholson discussed the Foundation’s mission and legacy following the announcement of its spend-down and close by the end of 2021.

The Nicholson Foundation has worked with NJHCQI on several projects in Medicaid policy, including the Medicaid 2.0 Blueprint and the Medicaid Policy Center. “We move when and where we see opportunity,” said Nicholson. “Medicaid is the principal funding stream for health care for vulnerable populations. We wanted to get going on Medicaid reform in New Jersey and just had to wait for the right moment politically.”

Asked for her final words of advice, Nicholson noted that she is “in awe” of those who work in the policy and service areas of healthcare, many of whom completely giving in their desire to help others.  “We are in a time when efforts are yielding results. So, I would say to everybody that you’re engaged in truly important work, you’re getting results, and you all deserve to feel exhilarated.”

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