About Us

Our Mission

The Nicholson Foundation is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of vulnerable populations in New Jersey.

Our Focus Areas 

The Foundation’s primary goal is to improve outcomes in health and early childhood. Our strategic approach is to transform service delivery systems by informing policy and developing sustainable models that better serve vulnerable populations. Our work is concentrated on bringing change to the following focus areas:

Our Values and Beliefs

  • Integrating physical and behavioral health and addressing the social determinants of health are essential to improving the health of individuals and communities.
  • Health outcomes improve when communities and their residents are involved in, and assume responsibility for, their own health and well-being.
  • The foundation for lifelong health and well-being is established in early childhood. 
  • The likelihood of future academic success and socioeconomic advancement is increased by high-quality early childhood programs.
  • Partnerships that bring together diverse resources and expertise facilitate systems reform.
  • Improvements in health and early childhood delivery systems are more likely to succeed and be sustained when they are also supported by government policies and funding. 
  • Healthcare and early childhood services are more effective when systems are coordinated and programs are data-driven and evidence-based.